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No Risk =No Reward-Pasco Meets Hermiston In The Best Of The West Finals
December 22, 2006
Pasco High School Wrestling News 12/22/2006

According to the local paper, Pasco got "manhandled" by Hermiston.
I didn't see that did you?
Manhandle- I just looked it up- To be rough or brutal with: knock about (or around), rough (up), slap around. Slang mess up.
I didn't see that happen to us during the Hermiston match... Did You?...If you did e-mail me at coachbodnar@gmail.com and tell me where you saw that happen. If not maybe e-mail the local paper. I think my guys held their own.

I thought possibly there might be something complimentary about the team and the tournament that I could share with the kids when we go back to work tomorrow morning.

I thought maybe we could see something about how we drew teams here from all over Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. I thought maybe someone would say something about what a great showcase of local talent was displayed right here in our home town.

I thought maybe someone would give us credit where credit is due, but, I should know better by this time. Seven years down the road , I have not seen that yet so I don't know why I should expect it now.

Pasco Manhandled I Think Not! My Opinion!

Our Kids Deserver Better Than That. They are a fine team and they did a lot to get to the finals. Hermiston is a great team and they deserve credit but Manhandle.

What a slant to put on an article where 13 to 18 year old kids are participating. I think no excuse for it. No excuse will be good enough for me.

Take a look at what the Pasco Wrestlers did in the tournament and tell me if we got "Manhandled". Very sad commentary! I guess that is what newspapers are though is someones opinion. Mine happens to be a little different. Add up the match points that we scored, Add up the matches that we won, add up the pins , majors and technical falls, add up the undefeated wrestlers and take in to consideration that we are in the finals two years in a row with a nationally ranked team. "Manhandled" I think not!

I don't know if that sells papers but if it does shame on us!

Just so everyone knows what I said in the interview last night as I got one line in the paper. " I said that we are not there yet, and that is a true statement,however I also gave Hermiston credit for what their kids do all year long to put together the type of program they have at this point. The team is nationally ranked and to get them in our tournament two years in a row I believe also says something about our program.

As I congratulated Coach Berger last night he was very complimentary about the Pasco Wrestling Team , having wrestled Hermiston last year I tend to believe he wouldn't say something he didn't mean.

We had some outstanding matches and we didn't exactly squeek through to the finals we did a little damage ourselves. Notice That I Did Not Say Manhandle
I want to wish the local paper a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and my New Year's Wish For Them Is That They Get A Grip On The Age Level Of Kid They Are Dealing With! MANHANDLED
Because you have a license to print, doesn't give you license to belittle!
I have this match on tape so if you show me where we got manhandled I will appologize!
Pasco Scored 245 Points to The Opponents 92, Did we get Manhandled, you tell me. I am adding up the rest of the season right now. I will be back to you with that shortly. Click Here For The Politically Correct Online Version If You Want To Read The Real Thing Go Find One Of Friday's Articles -Hard Copy Edition
Pasco High School Wrestling Results-Best Of The West Duals
December 20-21, 1006

103-Zeke Castro-PASCO Forfeit-Exb None
112-Josh Martinez-PASCO Forfeit None
119-Gerardo Castro-PASCO Pin 2:26 Hung Nguyen-FED-WAY
125-Tim Givan-FED-WAY Pin 4:42 Cameron Schlotman-PASCO
130-George Mendez-PASCO TF 16-0 Blake Zimmerman-FED-WAY
135-Justin Schadler-PASCO Pin 0:28 Aven Reddy-FED-WAY
140-Zach Banks-PASCO Pin 4:53 Phillip Gerhing-FED-WAY
145-Armando Luna-PASCO TF 15-0 Jacob Conklin-FED-WAY
152-Skippy Fergen-PASCO Pin 1:38 Noah Eliason-FED-WAY
160-Roy Manzo-PASCO Major 11-1 Daren Faber-FED-WAY
171-Brandon Kiehn-PASCO Pin 0:33 Levy Molina-FED-WAY
189-Nick Smiley-PASCO Dec 4-0 Jonathon Detzler-FED-WAY
215-Dimitri Miles-PASCO Pin 1:40 Tomson Lee-FED-WAY
285-Tony Fiore-PASCO Forfeit-Exb None

Match 21 PASCO-72 ONTARIO-6
103-Zeke Castro-PASCO Pin 0:18 Andrew Bunnett-ONT
112-Josh Martinez-PASCO TF 18-1 Nico Martinez-ONT
119-Danny Nunez-ONT Pin 3:22 Gerardo Castro-PASCO
125-Cameron Schlotman-PASCO Pin 1:03 Ray Rodriquez-ONT
130-George Mendez-PASCO TF 16-1 Michael Gonzalez-ONT
135-Justin Schadler-PASCO Pin 0:56 Tom Martinez-ONT
140-Zach Banks-PASCO Pin 2:53 Carlos Santang-ONT
145-Armando Luna-PASCO Pin 2:10 Derek Galligar-ONT
152-Skippy Fergen-PASCO Pin 3:26 Casey Erlebach-ONT
160-Roy Manzo-PASCO Pin 0:47 Griffin Gundle-ONT
171-Brandon Kiehn-PASCO Pin 0:46 Guillermo Garcia-ONT
189-Nick Smiley-PASCO Dec 1-0 Toby Smith-ONT
215-Dimitri Miles-PASCO TF 18-3 Mike Ortiz-ONT
285-Tony Fiore-PASCO Pin 0:26 Juan Solis-ONT

Day Two-Best Of The West Duals
Newberg, Oregon A Pretty Good Program I Think!
Match 43 PASCO-37 NEWBERG-20
103-Zeke Castro-PASCO Pin 1:27 Kevin Wetmore-NEWB
112-Tommy Siciliano-NEWB Pin 3:46 Josh Martinez-PASCO
119-Jacob Kaufman-NEWB TF 19-4 Gerardo Castro-PASCO
125-Cameron Schlotman-PASCO Dec 7-2 Justin Moore-NEWB
130-George Mendez-PASCO Dec 6-0 Colin Cornett-NEWB
135-Joey Chandler-NEWB Dec 10-7 Justin Schadler-PASCO
140-Clint Peebles-NEWB Dec 8-3 Zach Banks-PASCO
145-Armando Luna-PASCO Major 16-8 Micahel Weber-NEWB
152-Skippy Fergen-PASCO Forfeit None
160-Mitch Sturdevant-NEWB Dec 3-2 Roy Manzo-PASCO
171-Brandon Kiehn-PASCO Dec 9-3 Josh Chandler-NEWB
189-Nick Smiley-PASCO Dec 4-2 Tyler Sherman-NEWB
215-Dimitri Miles-PASCO Pin 4:15 Brad Gray-NEWB
285-Tony Fiore-PASCO Dec 6-0 Judd Brown-NEWB

Let Me See -Deer Park Not A Slouch Program Who Beat Some Good Teams!

Match 68 PASCO-43 DEER PARK-20

103-Zeke Castro-PASCO Pin 3:45 Blake Adams-DEER PK
112-Levi Zadorozny-DEER PK Dec 9-3 Josh Martinez-PASCO
119-Justin Eldred-DEER PK Dec 8-2 Gerardo Castro-PASCO
125-Cameron Schlotman-PASCO Pin 1:18 Bryan Rhoads-DEER PK
130-Sam Lane-DEER PK Inj. Default George Mendez-PASCO
135-Justin Schadler-PASCO Dec 2-0 Brandon Leliefeld-DEER PK
140-Viktor Nesenchuk-DEER PK Major 11-3 Zach Banks-PASCO
145-Cody Miller-DEER PK Major 18-6 Armando Luna-PASCO
152-Skippy Fergen-PASCO Dec 4-2 Waylan Cork-DEER PK
160-Roy Manzo-PASCO Major 8-0 Joe Martinsen-DEER PK
171-Brandon Kiehn-PASCO Dec 9-6 Ethan Grable-DEER PK
189-Nick Smiley-PASCO Pin 3:10 Anthony Miller-DEER PK
215-Dimitri Miles-PASCO Pin 0:29 Nick Larson-DEER PK
285-Tony Fiore-PASCO Forfeit None


Second Year In A Row-A Bulldog Vs Bulldog Matchup

I would have liked to see George Mendez in our line-up in this match but he had a possible collar bone injury vs. Deer Park and I sent him to the Hopitlal because I didn't want to take a chance on hurting one of our young men.He will have time later in the season to prove how good he is.. and he is pretty good. Fortunately it is a tendon injury and will be a couple of weeks in re-hab. That is the chance that you take when you put the young men out there to battle.
Zeke Castro 103 undefeated in this tournament, George Mendez-130 short of the injury default undefeated in this tournament,Brandon Kiehn 171 undefeated in this tournament and on the season, Dimitri Miles undefeated in this tournament and in the season, Tony Fiore 285 undefeated in this tournament and on the season . Does that sound like we got "Manhandled" according to the local paper that is what happened. Add up the points we scored and the number of points scored against us and tell me if we got "manhandled" . That is your opinion, we dish it out and we can take it. I appreciate the comment you just gave me some more energy to go back to work.

Championship HERMISTON-40 PASCO-19

103-Zeke Castro-PASCO Pin 3:42 Ben Jorgensen-HERM
112-Chase Winters-HERM Dec 6-1 Josh Martinez-PASCO
119-Dylan Olsen-HERM Dec 7-2 Gerardo Castro-PASCO
125-Brandon Adolf-HERM Dec 6-2 Cameron Schlotman-PASCO
130-Cody Britt-HERM George Mendez
George did not wrestle due to injury in previous match so yes -Forfeit
135-Justin Schadler-PASCO Dec 4-0 AJ Almaguer-HERM
140-Brent Parks-HERM Pin 0:52 Zach Banks-PASCO
145-Marty Britt-HERM TF 18-2 Armando Luna-PASCO
152-Ryan Barton-HERM Major 11-1 Skippy Fergen-PASCO
160-Randy Larson-HERM Pin 0:58 Roy Manzo-PASCO
171-Brandon Kiehn-PASCO Dec 11-8 Kevin Verwey-HERM
189-Troy Kessell-HERM Major 9-1 Nick Smiley-PASCO
215-Dimitri Miles-PASCO Dec 7-4 Garrett Later-HERM
285-Tony Fiore-PASCO Major 10-2 Josh Barraza-HERM

As I told the young men in our room. We have to do something every day to get better and we need to ask ourselves that question. What did we do today to get better? Right now I am going to school to pick up the paperwork for the Pacific Coast Tournament and I am sure I will spend some additional time today figuring out how we can get better and step up another level , which I have no doubt in my mind our kids will do.
I have to laugh when people say we won't wrestle the tough teams. Is Hermiston tough enough. I invited anyone that wanted to come and we will wrestle anyone that shows up. Billings, Skyview, State Champions two years ago and runners up last year, they were here. If they showed up in the finals we wrestle them. Newberg a great program over the years, Sandpoint with numerous State Placers, Pendleton a great program over the years. We had tenatively scheduled to Wrestle Montana before the tournament but they got into town too late. I don't think we are afraid to wrestle anyone. We have been invited to wrestle in the Dream Duals this year and we have accepted. We asked to get into Tri-State, I was not able to get in this year but we were told that we could get in next year. We are going to the Pac Coast Tournament on December 29-30 enough said about that issue.

I am sure I am not done with this article but at this point "what it is , is what it is"
Coach Bodnar

Posted by: Robert Bodnar, Dec 22, 19:27

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